June 13, 2016: Dev Update

Gears have been shifted a bit since last year. Due to the challenge in funding 3D art for the project that looked decent and similar enough to fit I decided to change the style of art in the game for version 1. I found an awesome collection of low-poly zombie assets that I’ve purchased and added to the game. I uploaded a screenshot of the look in our screenshots page. That being done and acquiring licensing for a professional multi-player package have drained the coffers for now. It will help move things along because I wont have to worry about the merging of multiple asset libraries to create the experience I want. I hope you like it and here’s a quick update on the coding side:

Cloud based character storage: done

Multiplayer server: done

Drag-n-drop Inventory: working

Health, thirst, hunger, energy: refining

Picking up Items: done