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Author Topic: Zombica High Level Design Overview
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Post Zombica High Level Design Overview
on: January 31, 2013, 02:04

Zombica Intro and Overview

Ok. Let's take a look at what Zombica (The Zombie RTS) is going to be like.

Firstly, Zombica is intended to be a Zombie Survival RTS. That means that it focuses mostly on the strategic aspects of rebuilding in an environment where order has been destroyed and there is a constant threat of being infected or killed by Zombies. There is a big difference between strategic and tactical. Strategic (in my mind) means higher level controls and experience. Not to say that the game will contain no tactical aspects as I value tremendously the ability of a player to intercede at a more detailed level such as telling what unit to kill what target, where to move, etc. But the gameplay should allow the player to interact in general at a higher level. This means the player will be setting up repeatable systems that the survivor AI will be able to sustain without player input (though maybe not as efficiently as if the player were to intercede).

Throughout the game a player should be dealing with the managing civilian and leader characters, the defense of their haven, providing for survivors, salvaging, crafting, securing land, rescuing survivors, and finding the cure. Each of these concepts and the intended experience is outlined below.

- Players have to manage both simple worker civilians as well as leaders who have special traits and abilities.

- The perimeter of the haven is a point of constant contention with the zombie infected. Players will have to design, build, and maintain their perimeter to protect the haven.

- Survivors will need to be fed, sheltered and provided with healthcare to maintain their morale.

- Most of the materials that players will be collecting will be based on salvage obtained from the environment. From building materials to food to tools to weapons, players will need to set up repeatable and efficient systems to get salvage from the surrounding areas. Those items that are not salvaged might be collected from nature, grown, or obtained through crafting.

- Crafting and manufacturing will allow players to create and upgrade items to enhance unit's abilities and strengths. This is accomplished at a high level utilizing manufacturing facilities that are manned by civilians.

- Securing additional territory from bandits and zombies to expand the safe zone requires careful planning and resourcing. And with a persistant day/night cycle you'll have to make sure that advance warning systems to alert the haven of attack are set up.


The goal of Zombica is to be a fun to play, easy to control, high level, creative, vision of what it would take to build a society back up from the chaos of zombie infection. Zombica should not be seen as a super realistic, zombie genre true, super exciting, scary, tense game. It is my hope that it will cut some new ground in how much more the player interacts with the environment than in traditional RTS games. Zombica was designed to inspire players to think ahead to what resources or structures they will need. There should be a sense of exploring the unknown going into Zombica and satisfaction in seeing the work you do help your survivors make it through to the end.


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Post Re: Zombica High Level Design Overview
on: March 21, 2013, 07:18

Sounds amazing! I liked all of it, from top to bottom. Everyone loves a high involvement of interaction, violence and decisions. Maybe use the stronger moral civilians and possibly train them to become new soldiers, carpenters etc? Always having a sentry on lookout and replace the tired soldiers to get rest? The use of Night vision on soldiers for night operations? Customizing vehicles/armour to better suit heavy melee conditions from masses of hungry zombies? Just some of the ideas I have 🙂

The Doctor
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Post Re: Zombica High Level Design Overview
on: March 22, 2013, 01:44

For sure. To be honest our schematic library didn't have armor you could fit to cars but I love it!!! Yeah training is in the works to let you improve survivor skills. Thanks for the post 🙂

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