Gears have been shifted a bit since last year. Due to the challenge in funding 3D art for the project that looked decent and similar enough to fit I decided to change the style of art in the game for version 1. I found an awesome collection of low-poly zombie assets that I’ve purchased and added to the game. I uploaded a screenshot of the look in our screenshots page. That being done and acquiring licensing for a professional multi-player package have drained the coffers for now. It will help move things along because I wont have to worry about the merging of multiple asset libraries to create the experience I want. I hope you like it and here’s a quick update on the coding side:

Cloud based character storage: done

Multiplayer server: done

Drag-n-drop Inventory: working

Health, thirst, hunger, energy: refining

Picking up Items: done

After a break I’m back at it. I hope to get an iterative deployment schedule in place and re-upload the alpha build. Things have changed pretty significantly in the game but most of that is to make performance in multiplayer more acceptable. Below is a quick update on the phasing in of the functionality in alpha:

  1. General login
    1. Requires creation of an account so you can store your inventory in the cloud
  2. Haven experience
    1. Running around the safe haven and doing basic tasks (collecting resources, trading, crafting, etc). Using this to validate server performance and let users learn functionality.
  3. Missions
    1. This is where you can form up with other groups into bands and execute missions out in the wild.

Thanks a ton for your encouragement and patience!

So I found an issue with the Launcher that I have just fixed. So you’ll need to re-download the launcher in order to be able to overwrite currently existing versions of the game. I also added a little version identifier in the launcher interface. So if it doesn’t say “0.0.2” in the top right of the launcher then you need to download a new version of it. Download Latest

Unable to sleep last night at around 11:00 I busted out a quick application launcher that will let you check for updates. It’s the first version and I think it should make it easier to keep tabs on if new versions have come out or not. Give it a whirl and let me know if you have any issues.


So I uploaded a new build and my plan is to continue incrementing the build as I develop the chance. Feel free to post comments or suggestions but please keep in mind that this is a self funded, single man operation. I’ll do what I can to get things added quickly. Cheers all,