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After a break I’m back at it. I hope to get an iterative deployment schedule in place and re-upload the alpha build. Things have changed pretty significantly in the game but most of that is to make performance in multiplayer more acceptable. Below is a quick update on the phasing in of the functionality in alpha:

  1. General login
    1. Requires creation of an account so you can store your inventory in the cloud
  2. Haven experience
    1. Running around the safe haven and doing basic tasks (collecting resources, trading, crafting, etc). Using this to validate server performance and let users learn functionality.
  3. Missions
    1. This is where you can form up with other groups into bands and execute missions out in the wild.

Thanks a ton for your encouragement and patience!

Oh wow. Very excited to announce the following:

– You can now repair and drive vehicles around and run over zombies 🙂 Still some polish to go on the animations but everything is functioning.

– Day and night cycle is re-implemented. Working on adding items such as NVGs and Flashlights so you can see stuff at night.

– Destroy spawn points. Planting a bomb at the site of a zombie spawn location allows you to blast it to smitherines (along with any zombies in proximity.

– Scavenge: As the primary source of generated resources, scavenging in junk piles gives you parts (for repairing stuff), fuel (for driving stuff), and supplies (for shooting stuff).

Yet to Come:

– RPG to take out vehicles and spawn locations

– Manufacturing: allows you to craft weapons to equip your survivors with

– Cure, Diagnosis and First Aid Kits (b’cause you might want to heal people at some point)

– Cars as mobile resupply points

– Construction: We’re holding off on implementing this until everything else is nice and polished.

I’ve added some information on the weapons you’ll be able to equip your survivors with and a screenshot of what I’ve been working on. Performance is vastly improved and though there are a few physics bugs to work out the overall smoothness of gameplay has come a long way. The building mechanics have been removed for now but I’ll be adding them back in. Thanks to everyone who is participating in our surveys (as they will help shape the direction of the game).

So basically here is the realization that I have come to. There was too much content and not enough polish in the pre-alpha that I distributed. I am planning on slashing some features that were not conducive to fun RTS gameplay. Namely: RPG elements, salvage micro-management, some level of building. And I have refocused on the following: tactical combat, disease spread prevention, more basic economy and NPC interactions.

Since Zomboid, Roam and so many other zombie games have the RPG details down I’ll be focusing on RTS gameplay. I plan to polish up the basics and get that out there sooner than later to solicit feedback. So far here’s what’s been recoded:

– Explosive traps that you can drop and trigger

– Implemented new stealth mode

– Zombies infect survivors

– Zombies spawn from dead survivor corpses

– Enter and exit buildings more smoothly

– Reduced overall resources for now to: ammo, traps, fuel (though vehicles have not been reimplemented)

Hey All,

I’m getting ready to launch an open test version of the system to solicit feedback. I’ll be adding a download page and creating a link to it as well. I’ll have a form that you can use to request an access code to download the application so I’m sure bots aren’t killing my server. I came in today and had over 800 spam comments I had to clean up 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be getting things launched soon.

As always, suggestions welcome,

Since our last update we’ve added the ability for players to select one of the 5 characters and start playing as those characters. We’ve expanded the map by adding the military base and some farming area. We’ve also added more building interactivity so that you can utilize the rooms in any building for storage, crafting, shelter, etc. Prior to this point pre-set buildings were just terrain features that you needed to move around. Each of the rooms in the building can be searched and applied individually. We’re considering how many rooms per building would make sense and what the risk of going into these rooms would pose. We have received offers from several folks interested in play-testing the pre-alpha builds. Once things settle down a bit more we’ll be taking advantage of those offers.

That’s all for now,

Awesome progress today. Spent most of the day optimizing performance of player and zombie interactions. Added a couple of weapons to the list and play-tested them a bit. Performance is muuuch better after the latest tweaks. I was freaking for a bit when I wasn’t able to figure out why 60 zombies on-screen was causing major frame rate issues. But all is well now and that challenge is behind us. Also finished survivor stance behavior. Built a few more bits onto the town map, designed the character selection screen, and played some Guild Wars 2. Yeah I haven’t played it in ages but I cracked it open, downloaded the HUGE update and tried to run around pretending I knew what I was doing. Checked out the carnival and killed some Centaurs and then back to business. Big day of coding tomorrow and we should be wrapping up the key functions and getting it in the hands of our more internal testers. Cheers,

Uploaded our first batch of characters to the website. Check them out through the Story tab. We still have some work to do but we’ll keep working on those as time goes on. Our plan is to allow you to select one of these characters to start with. Each one will have bonuses to how they can effectively lead survivors together to rebuild the world. Those bonuses have yet to be hashed out. I mean without some special abilities why wouldn’t everyone simply choose the character with the most firepower? Anyway, that’s all for now folks.