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Nov. 28, 2015

Multiplayer has been added to the game but I haven’t published it yet. In order to integrate networking I had to rewrite some of the core code. It’s working now and I hope to have an update soon with a downloadable version of multiplayer. For the time-being I have pulled construction from the mix and am trying to focus on core gameplay elements such as combat, salvaging, etc.



What is Zombica?

A zombie survival RTS and simulation game. The game is currently under development for the PC platform. Back in 2010 a search for a good quality zombie RTS/zombie survival RTS was conducted and yielded zero results. How can this be? Well I’m not sure but I decided to pursue development of such a game. It is being designed and developed by Funfy Interactive, an independent game development company based in Michigan, USA. Hopefully this can become the most awesome Zombie Survival RTS on the market (at least that’s what I’m shooting for).


Old Gameplay Video !!!

Weapons Preview









Concept Greenlight up and coming!



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  1. Carter

    You guys are awesome, I have been hoping for a REAL zombie RTS for a long time.

    • admin

      Thanks for that. We feel the same way. We look forward to getting your feedback as we release content.

      • Mrdeathslayerr

        I was wondering are you going to make this cost money? If so how much.I was wondering because you could do one of those things with piratebay when they show off your game on the front page.

        • admin

          Yes, the project will hopefully bear fruit in the form of a sellable game but that’s the furthest thing from my mind at the moment. Getting the game in a playable form is my primary focus. That being said I haven’t put any thought into cost structure. When it comes time to market the game I’ll be looking into all sorts of ways of getting it out there but for now just gathering feedback on concepts. Thanks for the idea though.

          • Mrdeathslayerr

            Well since you want some concepts, make it a good singleplayer game. It also should come with a mode where it is surviving waves and building your base from the ground up.Also I don’t really care about special characters but if everyone else does then keep them.Graphics,realism,unit control,and base building are the most important to me.Don’t let all the ideas get to your head.Also I think you should try Kickstarter.com. I will definitely post everywhere I can about the game if you do so.

          • admin

            We’ll for sure be doing some community funding campaigns. I’m waiting to have more content ready. I definitely want to get feedback. I’ve been working in software for a long time and definitely realize the importance of customer feedback and interaction.

      • Ben

        Really liking the look of this game so far (always wanted to start work on one of these myself just never really got to it) but you might want to check out RoamGame, or “Roam by roam” as it was known on kickstarter, its a bit different from Zombica, but the art in the game will make it a big competitor alone

  2. Kahjiit

    Sounds really fun can’t wait for it to come out.

  3. I’ve been looking for a Zombie RTS. Please follow through. I recommend asking people for help, and “advertising” in Youtube.

  4. Daniel

    I really look forward to this. You have my support. You guys need ideas then do what most don’t and gather the ideas from your customers. Not your competition. Always helps to be unique rather then another of the same if you know what I mean. Too much of that going on lately.

    • admin

      Oh we will :) Thanks for the post.

      • Daniel

        I have noticed there will be a couple of very similar games. Project Zomboid and Dead State. They both got some great ideas. However, it still doesn’t grab my attention. Just an idea but what about a scientist or scientists who you eventually find probably early into the game who wants nothing else but to study, examine and test the Zombie/mutant subjects? Maybe even Mutate it some more just to play around with it or to test new weapons on? Just a different thought. Probably silly but I thought I would share it anyway. I’ve got a tonne of them.

        • admin

          When we get the first video of gameplay up online maybe that will do a little better job of grabbing your attention. I like your idea and part of it is already in the works. Our mission is to create a framework in which players can try different ways of structuring their new civilization. We will have objectives of collecting data and rescuing scientists to study the zombies to find vaccines and drugs to help stave off infection. Keep the ideas coming please :)

        • admin

          Oh and a quick side note. Zombica will be an RTS, dead state is turn based combat and zomboid is an rpg. Just want to be clear on that. We feel we are creating the first game of it’s kind in the zombie survival genre.

  5. shane

    do you guys have an expected release date?

  6. SlimeyLimey

    OMG this sounds amazing so far, i have looked for what feels like years for a zombie survival RTS to come out and finally i find others wit my vision, i will be looking forward to seeing content and what ever i can do tyo help i will, im currently studying games design at college so i have some understand of what to do

  7. Daniel

    Much happening?

    • admin

      Hey Daniel,
      Yeah, working on base building at the moment. Just finished re-write of salvaging mechanics to clean them up. Also scoping out a consolidation of unit state management to improve performance. Got estimates on several assets for the game. Things are taking longer than we’d like but we’re trying to speed things up.

  8. Daniel

    Sounds brilliant mate. Don’t speed things up too much, rushed games are usually ruined ones. This sounds too awesome to rush. A game worth waiting for hopefully!

    • admin

      I’d like to think so :) It’s coming along great. I’ll be putting up a kickstarter for it in the next month or so if you’d like to plan on drumming up some support so we can make the game even better. I’m going to complete it either way but with some financial backing it could be sooo much better on the asset side.

  9. Alomoes

    I just say I support your project, and hope it succeeds.

  10. Passing player

    i just think how if the gameplay similar to minecraft but with better picture… and more complicate crafting item… just my thought… thx =) hope be the best zombie survival game…

  11. Daniel

    Good job! It’s looking good. I’m sure you’re far from finished. however, I believe once you’re done and manage to sell your game through steam, you should get a lot of sales. A lot of zombie fans on steam.

  12. No_one_important

    The game seems like something I’ve dreamed of for years! It seems to be coming along nicely and I hope its worth whatever you plan to charge. One thing, could you make the structure building take a survivor? It would be like, you need a person to spend time building the structure, like assigning someone to spend so and so minutes to build something. It doesn’t feel quite right to me, a wall building itself instantaneously, you know.
    Please consider adding this touch of realism to an amazing game.

    • admin

      For sure :) Thanks for the feedback. This is absolutely how it is intended to work. Just gotta get the code rolling.

  13. danz

    Hey im here to lend my support to your awsome game! Been waiting years for such a game.

  14. Jacintosh

    I think it would be a great idea if you did cut scenes like the good ole’ Westwood days of command and conquer. As that made the game fantastic! I think it would be great for Zombica too! Probably waaaaaay too late to implement now but Zombica 2????

    • admin

      oh those were the good ol’ days weren’t they :) What a cast of characters. An awesome legacy to the RTS genre. Hey there’s always room for adding to a project like this but I’d be short several actors at the moment :) We’ll see how kickstarter goes.

  15. I just checked this out and it looks good to me.

  16. Im glad someone thought of this.

  17. David

    Finaly i found a game i want
    i wish i could be one of your tester for the game
    i want this so so so bad

  18. tom

    Hey zombica crew been keeping tabs on you guys over the last few months,loving what im seeing you definitely have my fan vote for something original such as this,keep up the great work!!!!

  19. tom

    jumped on the net while i had the chance guys LOVE the new video demo!!! excellent manipulation of buildings basic but an easy to follow.Keep it up guys I think this game is going to start turning some heads later in the production KEEP IT UP!!!!

  20. Andrew

    I been playing rts games for a long time and this game sounds like it will be fun.
    I have some ideas for game play. Maby have old havens that have been over run that the player can un zombie and fix up with 1 or 2 buildings that are only found i thees overrun havens. Buildings the player will beable to build later on but only after beeing descoverd. Things like catapult workshop, iron wall, elertric fence, zombie cage trap, hydroponics farm, lab. And theese havans have a very high zombie atack rate at night . So a player will choos to take photos of the buildings to add to the build list or capture the havan but have to defend it like mad. I was allso thinking that theese havans have zombies heavly infesting it and even have full buildings burnt down.

    I allso had a idea with placeing walls… have a click and drag with ghost walls to show the player what it will look like then have a accept or cancel.so players dont get annoyed placeing wall after wall. Iff theres not enouth resorsess the ghost walls will only go as far as the resorsess will let it.

    Grate game so far

  21. Andrew

    Hope theres fog of war. Iff there is there should be a map makeing skill that can be obtaind or will come with a surviver. Normal maps in other rts games are uncoverd as if your uploading data to a rader system. In this game heres non of that inless the player capturs a army radar dome or uncoves a map in a police station or a gass station. Cant just freely look around without scouting first.
    This game needs dezisters like “a zombie fell in to the well the waters now infected” and even ” a surviver has started a coo thay are after you talk to them or kill them ” each random problem can be prevented by keeping people happy, keeping the food flowing, haveing good walls, haveing enouth houseing, prepearing for winter ect.

    I love tbe work so far
    I love you guys

  22. Is the game still a go?

  23. Nik

    Try adding some sort of help module on how to play the thing, also having the mouse cursor adjust/change when commands are given…kinda like a cornfirmation on the attack order etc etc…try the game Trapped dead to incorporate a few features, like when u click on a specified location, your character takes the shortest path to the destination without walking into any objects until you have to direct him away from it.

    oh and he walks threw crates n houses for some reason, try to fix that.

    Mind me, ive been playing this for 5 minutes.

  24. Farrem

    I do have to say, this is the first time I have yielded the results of a zombie survival RTS, and the game looks pretty promising already in it’s early stages, although I do have a few ideas that would help make the game nicer if you care to… Read.

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